The Big Bus 2.0 wins a BESSIE!

Sherston is pleased to have won a prestigious 2011 BESSIE Award for The Big Bus 2.0.

The Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence.


Explorers' World

7 to 11 Years

Twenty-five upper elementary learning modules from The Big Bus, include teacher tips with standards alignments, a sample lesson plan, and most come with printable handouts for extended practice.

Shape Cloning

My First Reference Book

Times Table Racing

Whiz Quiz

Music and Fireworks

MagnetsThe Math Race

The Science Quiz

Newspaper Office

Earth Moon and Sun

The Trog’s Lock


Pushes and Pulls

Rocket Challenges

History Quiz

Other Worlds

Science Puzzles 9-10

Science Puzzles 10+


Dragon’s Lair

The Catapult

Nets of Cubes

The Mine Field

The Roller Coaster

Whitebeard 3