The Big Bus 2.0 wins a BESSIE!

Sherston is pleased to have won a prestigious 2011 BESSIE Award for The Big Bus 2.0.

The Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence.


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Quality educational activities

The Big Bus 2.0 offers 56 topic-based modules. Modules cover subjects such as habitats, phonics and data collection. Each contains a variety of standards-based activities to challenge all skill levels.

Bring learning home on The Big BusĀ 

Enchanted World (Early Years)

Check out Enchanted World! Ten cross-curricular learning modules teach keyboarding, counting and letter recognition. Students develop problem solving skills and spatial awareness.

Adventurers' World (5 to 7 years/Key Stage 1)

In Adventurers' World, 20 cross-curricular activities test math skills, practice sight words and explore reference books to develop information gathering skills.

Explorers' World (7 to 11 years/Key Stage 2)

Explorers' World offers 20+ cross-curricular modules. Students utilize a problem-solving, interactive environment to learn STEM skills, including LOGO and forces and motion, as well as develop writing skills within content areas.

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